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Tetravex is an edge-matching puzzle game. The player is presented with a grid and square tiles consisting of four different colored triangles turned in on each other. To solve the puzzle you must connect the squares together by matching their edges. It’s a classic puzzle game that fans of games like Sudoku should love.

Futrell Software has designed a version of the game for iPhone that brings the simple game into the new millennium with a slick, eye catching interface. The bright colors pop off the iPhone screen and make the game look very appealing. When I first began playing I found myself having a bit of trouble getting the pieces into their squares. I was trying to move the piece into the square, and not move my finger over the square. Once I noticed what I was doing wrong, I was able to correct the problem without any further trouble.

The game itself is very simple to learn, but very, very hard to master. I have yet to make it past the easy setting, simply because I find this type of puzzle to be very challenging. Luckily, you never lose your progress, so you can stop when you have to do other things and come back to the game you were playing. Online and local high scores also add to the replay value in the classic “I want to get the high score” sort of way.

It’s fun, and completely worth the $3.99 if you’re a fan of these types of puzzle games. Its available now in the iTunes App Store. Click Here to check it out.

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