How Apple Technology and the Evolving Server Business Make Flexibility at the Office Possible

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In today’s business world it’s more common to hear the terms “remote worker” and “flexibility” than ever before. In the past, corporations and business owners needed their employees front and center, present in the office to ensure that work was being handled and productivity didn’t dip.

Today, however, flexibility and the freedom to work remotely often go hand in hand. In fact, nearly 13 million Americans work away from the office or telecommute at least part time, if not full time. There are, of course, many factors that have contributed to this, but technology – Mac/Apple included – and the ever-evolving server business can give your operation the flexibility it needs to thrive in a fast-paced world.

Apple apps make flexibility a cinch

Now that Apple and your web hosting solutions make it possible for you to log in to work from anywhere in the world, even business trips will be more productive.


For example, if you’re in a strange city and want to make good use of down time between meetings, you can use the app Work+ (it’s free) to help you locate a place in which you can work. It’s not always conducive to work in the business center of your hotel with all the noise from printers and other guests. It’s also difficult for some people to work in the confines of a hotel room.  Work+ for iOS allows you to search for nearby locations that offer food and beverage and free WiFi services so that you may work remotely but with enjoyment. Get it here.

FX Photo Studio is another Apple product app that allows you to work remotely. This one allows you to edit photos so that you can put the final touches on a press release, download an image needed for a big presentation or update your business blog with a photo.


Cloud computing is all the rage right now, but when it comes down to practical applications, there really are a lot of productive things you can do because of this trend. You can connect their devices to the iCloud and access your information remotely with ease. This makes business more flexible for those who are traveling for work, out sick or working from home.

Anyone in your office – or outside of it, for that matter – can access iCloud. Say you have an employee in New York on business who forgot to bring statistics and work for a major presentation. Rather than tracking someone down at the office to log in to his computer and email him these files, he can simply access it from the iCloud.

Safeguarding your technology and your business


Though remote work is common, it does carry risks. Say your employees are connected to free airport Wi-Fi. Any business files and information on their Apple devices are now vulnerable to hackers.

With a secure web host that offers VPN access for your business, you can eliminate this liability. VPN access is a web hosting capability that offers not only flexibility to sign on outside the office, but safety as well. Your employees can remotely access their own laptops at the office, at home or on the road.


Both Mac technology and the server business are constantly expanding at a rapid pace. Increased storage space, remote access and flexible products allow employees to work remotely at anytime. It’s important, though, that companies and employees have the speed, access and security they need to do the job. Through Apple apps and products, they can have all of that.

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