Apple seeks Your Advice on the AppleTV

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Apple is looking to improve the AppleTV – and they want to know what you would like to see.

In a very uncharacteristic move, Apple has posted an online survey asking you where you get your content, what you watch it on, and even what kind of remote you use with the device.

I’d love to take the survey, but as I write this – the thing is being hit with so much traffic that I can’t seem to get it to load.

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4 thoughts on “Apple seeks Your Advice on the AppleTV

  1. “Thank you for being willing to participate in this survey. This survey is now inactive. We appreciate your consideration.”

    So much for that!!!

  2. The way the Apple TV is it does not realy need updating or replacing, in any more than updating the software. The only Problem I have is that Films are still not available in Germany!, Which is the only thing that dampens my enthusiasm for the device. But that said, at least TV shows are also avialable in english, which was brilliant as Doctor Who Season 1 became available. I did not waiver long in buying that Season complete instead of my usual, episode here or there.

  3. There are plenty of reasons to update the AppleTV. More powerful hardware would be one. Bigger drives, and support for 1080p playback or at the very least, increase bitrate support. Currently it cannot play videos with higher bitrate than 6500. These 2 alone piss me off more than anything as I find myself encoding my videos at lower quality just so I can watch them on the big screen. Apple definitely needs to address this.

    Adding a DVR and all that other crap most people talk about would be great, most DVR software is utter crap and Apple no doubt would find a way to dominate that. However sales have increased drastically over the last couple years and no doubt iTunes sales have also increased. Why add something that will hinder iTunes sales if they are already on the rise? Granted if they did go that route they easily could add an option to buy the episode on iTunes directly from the guide. Problem is, Apple would have to lock down copying recorded material back to the mac because it would severely cripple itunes sales and piss off the networks. Maybe if they laced it with DRM it might be ok, but even still its a slippery slope going down that path and Apple has no real business reason to do it.

    But like mac said, this acts as a sign that a potential refresh is a long ways away. Considering its already been 2 years since the last refresh the next one better be worth it.

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