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Apple Launches iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

iPhone 5 battery replacement program

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It’s a good week for Apple users who have been experiencing hardware issues. Yesterday, we reported that you might be able to get your frayed lightning cable replaced without cost. Today, we hear about Apple’s iPhone 5 battery replacement program.

iPhone 5 battery replacement program

As it usually is with these hardware defects, Apple issues an announcement about a recall and free replacement for affected units. In this case, in order to find out if your iPhone battery is eligible for the program, you need to visit the iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program web site. You just need to enter your phone’s serial number to find out.

iPhone 5 battery replacement program

My story:

I was just out having my iPhone 5 checked out at a repair store (not Apple Store because the warranty has run out) due to the screen popping out. Everything works, but the screen was definitely not in place. The technician told me that it was the battery that had expanded due to overheating. And while I was sitting there, waiting for him to replace the battery, someone sent me a message about the iPhone 5 battery replacement program.

Naturally, I immediately checked out the iPhone 5 battery replacement program site to see if my unit qualified.

Unfortunately, it did not, so I ended up having to have pay for the replacement.

If you’re lucky, though, you just might get a brand new iPhone 5 battery.

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