Apple drops Cinema Display Prices

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cp_es_displays_np_070404.gifApple dropped the prices of their Cinema Displays today, in addition to introducing the quad and 8 core Mac Pros.

The new pricing is as follows:

$599 – 20″ Cinema Display
$899 – 23″ Cinema Display
$1799 – 30″ Cinema Display

Now, the question is…what is the reason for this price drop? Could they be trying to move inventory for those new “multi-touch enabled” displays that we’ve seen speculated on?

Or maybe just new standard Cinema Displays are around the corner…who knows?

All I can say is…if you’re looking for an Apple Cinema Display…now is the time to purchase one.

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2 thoughts on “Apple drops Cinema Display Prices

  1. So much money for so little utility. I still don’t understand why anyone would pay for one of those.

  2. Because they are extremely nice. However I think the lower price is to clear stock for the new kind personally. That and to help encourage people to buy Mac Pro’s

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