8 Macworld 08 Predictions – a Post Macworld Recap

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Back in December I posted an article with 8 Predictions for Macworld 2008. I tried to look at the current rumors, seep through the stuff that I thought was ridiculous and pick out the things that I actually thought we would see, and threw a few of my own ideas in as well.

I thought now that the Keynote is over and I’m back home, that I should take a look at those predictions and see how I did…

1. iTunes Update – We did get an iTunes update, although I was expecting higher priced movie titles, which hasn’t happened (yet).

2. Apple TV Update – We did get an AppleTV update including iTunes purchases and rentals directly on the device, although there were no larger capacity AppleTVs released.

3. The Strongest Holiday Season Ever – Jobs didn’t get too much into the numbers on holiday sales at the Keynote. I do still expect great numbers on the 1st quarter sales call.

4. Updated Macbooks – What we got was the Macbook Air, which features a 13.3 inch screen, has an aluminum body, and fits in a manila envelope. It is not a sub-notebook, and Apple isn’t calling it one, but it was not an updated Macbook. It was an addition to the Macbook line.

5. No iTablet – No surprise. No iTablet announced.

6. iPhone and iPod Touch Software Updates – We did get software updates for both of these devices, although my long desired native iChat application was not a part of the update.

7. iPhone SDK – the iPhone SDK was mentioned…and it’s still coming in February.

8. One More thing…Mac Nano – Nope, didn’t happen. Still no next generation mini.

So, there it is – some hits, some misses, and some half-rights.

I think I did ok, but it doesn’t really matter what I think. What do you think? How did I do?

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7 thoughts on “8 Macworld 08 Predictions – a Post Macworld Recap

  1. @Khokhlovych: Are you kidding me? What were you expecting? A Mac tablet?! ROFL!!! Must be a Zune owner, or could you possibly be Paul Thurott in disguise?

    I really hope the iTablet rumors go away….for-EVER.

  2. wasn’t that great.

    macbook air – very nice machine but no real pb 12″ successor. I’m still wondering who will be the audience this thing is geared for. I’m still waiting for the Macbook Air Pro.

    ipod touch $20 upgrade – what the…?!?

    apple TV – quite nice, but it could do with a real upgrade.

    iTunes rentals – also nice idea. doesn’t really thrill me though. real DVDs are cheap anyway.

    iPhone SDK – we already knew it should come out in Feb. So no news there.

    Strongest Holiday Season ever – good for Apple. What’s in for me? If they’re doing so well, how about waiving the $20 touch upgrade fee? 😉

    iTablet – What’s the deal with tablets anyway? Guess being a graphic person, my idea of use for such a device is limited to Photoshop, Painter and ZBrush, but for that there’s nice new Wacom Cintiqs.

    So yeah, we’ve seen better Apple events in the past.

  3. I wouldn’t call a Macbook Air part of the Macbook family, I’d call it part of the Macbook Pro family, or its own, cause it’s one, the most expensive Mac laptop, and it’s got an aluminum skin.

  4. @KenC

    I consider all the products with “Macbook” in the title a family. The same way everything with “iPod” in the title is a family as well.

  5. Macbook Air seems isn’t very exciting if they could have put it in a smaller footprint it would have been better.. 10″ screen with the same resolution would have been great.

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