5 Things You Should Know Before Switching to MacOS

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If you have been using a computer with Windows operating system for a long time, and then decide to switch to a Mac, you may have difficulties at the beginning. But this will not last long, because the main advantages of macOS are convenience and efficiency.

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Read on about the features and benefits of macOS and learn 5 important things everyone should know before switching to macOS.

MacOS Benefits and Features

Main features of macOS:

  • Can perform operations that other operating systems are not capable of. The fact is that this OS was created specifically for Apple hardware;
  • It has many useful applications preinstalled;
  • Integrated with iCloud. Thanks to this, the user can access any file stored on another Apple device;
  • High protection of confidential data.

Benefits of macOS:

  • The unified design of the OS and most applications;
  • There is a section in System Preferences called Keyboard. It allows you to customize shortcuts for various applications. This applies to both system programs and third-party ones. Hotkeys can be tied to any action, which significantly simplifies the work in the application;
  • Finder allows you to view and edit files without opening the application;
  • The required file can be quickly found in the “Gallery”;
  • In quick view mode, the user has access to all the file metadata;
  • The Mission Control function is designed for viewing the space on the desktop and all open windows;
  • The user can configure widgets for more convenient use of the “Notification Center”.

Everything You Need to Know Before You Switch to Mac

If you’re planning to use macOS, there are a few important things to consider. Please read the information provided below carefully.

Basic Capabilities

The Mac interface is intuitive and has a lot in common with other PC ecosystems. For example, “Explorer” is called Finder, “My Documents” – “Personal”, etc. Many third-party programs work fine on Mac. Let’s say you’re used to working in Microsoft Office. You can continue to use it on the new computer without any problems since the package is also available on Mac.

Mac users often choose Safari for optimization and energy efficiency. It positions itself as a fast, lightweight, and private browser. In addition, it supports iCloud. So, you can open the site on one device and continue browsing on another using a VPN free trial. Honest reviews about VeePN indicate that it is worth your attention. 

File Storage

In terms of the organization of the file system, macOS is much closer to various Linux distributions, and therefore the absence of the “My Documents” and “Program Files” folders causes confusion among former Windows users. On macOS, user data is stored in the home folder, which contains Documents, Music, Movies, Applications, Desktop directories, etc. But in fact, it is not difficult to determine the location of the content.

Program Installation

Installing programs on macOS has its own specifics. If you have previously used the installation wizard, then here the installation is carried out by dragging and dropping into the “Programs” folder. To install the program from the Internet, double-click the icon in the form of an open box in the “Downloads” folder, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

You can also download apps for Mac through the App Store. Just open the store, enter the necessary application in the “Search” field and download it. Once downloaded, you can start using the app.


When you switch to a Mac, you will have to relearn the keyboard. This is due to the fact that the key combinations are different. For example, the keyboard has a Command button and almost all functions are associated with it. To copy an object, press Command-C, and to paste, press Command-V. You can cancel the previous command by pressing Command-Z. Use Command-P to print the document. Our mac tip is that you can easily change any unusual combinations.

Multi-Touch Trackpad Setup

Apple devices support a Multi-Touch trackpad. It can be built into the bottom of your MacBook or plugged into your Mac separately. The trackpad works differently than the touchpad on other systems. For example, swiping up with three fingers is a quick view of all open windows. Two-finger tapping is a right-click. It is very important that the functionality can be changed at any time. For this, you just need to select the “Trackpad” folder in “System Preferences” and make changes.

Therefore, macOS has some features and benefits that are important to consider when switching to a Mac. But regardless of the operating system you use, you should protect your device and personal data with a VPN for PC. Practice shows that VPN free trial successfully copes with the task. VPN for PC will change your IP and make you anonymous on the Internet. VPN free trial is easy to use and available to everyone, so you can be sure that you will not have any difficulties.


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