5 Places to Use Your New Apple Watch

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After months of waiting, the Apple Watch is finally here. The latest gadget to come out of Cupertino is available in stores today, and those who were lucky enough to preorder one will soon have them on their wrists. Apple has said that the Watch is it’s most personal device yet, and if it lives up to that hype, we’re likely to only take them off when it is time to charge them. After getting a glimpse of what the smartwatch is capable of, it is easy to see how it is going to have an impact on our day-to-day lives. Here are five places where the Apple Watch will quickly become an indispensable device.

At Home

Not everyone feels the need to wear a watch around the home, as there are usually plenty of clocks within easy view. But the extended functionality of the Apple Watch will certainly change that. For instance, the device will ship with a remote app for the Apple TV, and it can be used to control the music you play from your Bluetooth speaker as well. And since it can connect to your WiFi network, you don’t need to have your iPhone all that close at hand. That means you can answer phone calls, respond to texts, and read alerts while your iPhone is on the charger in another room.

At the Office

The Apple Watch won’t just be indispensable at home, it has the potential to have a major impact on how we work as well. Not only the smartwatch give you a quick look at your schedule for the day, it can also alert you to upcoming meetings and deadlines that you need to be aware of as well. It will also allow you to add new things to your calendar, and manage your time more fully. Add in the ability to discreetly receive –and respond to – text messages while in meetings, and you start to see how useful the Apple Watch will be in the business environment too.


At the Gym

A lot has already been made about the Apple Watch’s ability to track your level of activity and improve your overall fitness, but it truly is one of the device’s core features. With a built-in heart rate monitor, fitness app, and step counter, the Watch has the potential to change the way the wearer thinks about his or her health in some very innovative ways. Not only can it keep track of your progress over time, it’ll also help you to set new goals, helping to overcome plateaus in your training. It will also automatically add your workout data to the Health app on your iPhone as well, making it easier than ever to share that information with your doctor or personal trainer too.

At the Airport

Frequent travelers are going to absolutely love the Apple Watch. Not only does it conveniently put all of their notifications right on you wrist, it will also prove indispensable at the airport too. Most major airlines have already updated their mobile apps to support the device, making it possible for it to display a mobile boarding pass, as well as update travelers on changes to their flight times or departure gates. Some will even give you information about the wait time at TSA checkpoints, and the amenities – such as restaurants or bars – that are available at their current location. And when they arrive at their destination, the Watch may even serve as the key to their hotel room too.


In Your Car

One place where using the Apple Watch has been largely overlooked so far is in the car. But the new device has the potential to be a game changer there as well. For instance, not only will it allow us to quickly check text messages and other notifications without pulling out our phone, we’ll have the ability to respond to them easily as well. In car navigation will improve as well, with maps and turn-by-turn maps being displayed on our wrists. And if you’re lucky enough to have a Bluetooth audio system in your car for streaming music, the watch will serve as a remote control for it as well.

I’m sure you can think of numerous other places where the Apple Watch is going to come in handy, but the point is that its functionality has the potential to have a real and meaningful impact on our lives. We’ll all find out just how meaningful soon.

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  1. Pleased your comments about checking texts while driving. This is still illegal in many districts and irresponsible driving in all cases.

  2. Checking texts while driving? That’s is an irresponsible piece of advise. So many crashes are caused by driver in attention or distraction.

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