VIDEO: My favorite Macworld Moment – iPhone introduction

As you read this, I’m on an airplane headed to San Francisco for Macworld 2009. It’s the last Keynote, and Steve Jobs isn’t giving it – that’s kind of a bummer, and I’m afraid it may hang like a rain cloud over the entire, event. I hope not, but it’s certainly possible.

I went back as far as I could go – and watched all the moments that I love from these Keynotes – and I started to make a Top 10 list – but that seemed kind of pointless. None of us would completely agree on the order of that list, and for those of us that are interested in this sort of thing, we’ve already seen all the videos a dozen times or more.

I decided, instead, to just pick my favorite.

I looked through a lot of them – and it was very hard for me to pick just one, but when I looked over everything – the one that I just plain loved the most was the introduction of the iPhone.

I remember the build up to it – all the speculation – and when it was revealed – and it DELIVERED on the promises of the rumor mill plus things that no one had ever thought about, it was just awesome.

I loved the discussion that followed, and the horrible anticipation of actually getting one of these things. I also like the fact that Jobs seems genuinely moved at the beginning by being able to introduce this thing to the world.

I ended up watching the entire presentation again, which is available on YouTube in Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 .

So this is my favorite – what’s yours?

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