5 Paid iOS Apps Gone Free, May 22, 2015

paid ios apps gone free

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Let’s welcome the weekend with some paid iOS apps gone free once again.

It’s Memorial Day weekend so there are bound to be more sales in the following days, but here are five apps that are already free. Apps that you will not only enjoy but find useful as well.

Paid iOS apps gone free

Skiing Yeti Mountain

paid ios apps gone free

Why don’t we start with a game that will bring back memories of, funnily enough, the early days of Windows. I don’t know if you remember Ski Free, but I remember spending quite some time playing that game.

Skiing Yeti Mountain is truly reminiscent of that game, but with added features such as:

– Touch controls designed for intuitive & precise carving
– Hundreds of bite-sized slalom tracks to complete
– A mountain of challenge tracks to master
– A cast of bizarre characters to meet
– A Yeti to find?


Colors – 1000 Filters within Color Camera

paid ios apps gone free

Can’t get enough of filters? Then go get this app while it’s free. It boasts 1,000 filters with more to be added. It also allows you to add multiple filters to one photo, so you can play with a photo however much you like.


Better Fonts Pro – Now With Cool Font Keyboards For iOS 8!

paid iOS apps gone free

It’s been less than a week since Swyft released 30 new branded emoji keyboard apps, and now you can get font keyboards for iOS 8. Better Fonts Pro has more than 115 fonts to choose from, including emoji. I wonder if Comic Sans is available?


Textkraft Pocket – Write text, research, correct & share

paid ios apps gone free

“Textkraft Pocket for iPhone and Apple Watch is a professional writing app and document reader in one app. Be productive, every day, wherever you need information and write down your ideas.

Open multiple files from your cloud or local storage and keep them open, just before your meeting or research starts. Then switch back and forth between your Office- or PDF documents and personal notes with a simple swipe gesture.

The magic about Textkraft is, that you have all documents for your project in one app, side by side, already opened, fast accessible and without additional downloading times. Write down your thoughts with the most sophisticated text editor, all changes get automatically synchronized ––– even directly from your Apple Watch, without unlocking the phone.”

I guess it’s a no-brainer for Apple Watch owners.



paid ios apps gone free

I personally love this app because I keep a journal. Well, on and off. But if you want to “privately capture your daily activities, thoughts, ideas and photos, and combines them with your activity from social networks to create a complete and unified timeline of your life,” then this is the perfect app to do that with ease.


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