3 Million iPhone 5C Units Are Nothing But Dust Collectors

iPhone 5c

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When the iPhone 5C was first announced, there were not a few skeptics. I think I was one of them, actually. And, not long after the cheaper plastic phone was released, people were already raising the question of whether the iPhone 5C is a failure or not.

With the latest figures about Apple’s stockpile of the iPhone 5C, it looks like the question has been answered. According to Digitimes, shipments of the phone have spiraled downward, especially in the last part of 2013, resulting in more than 3 million units sitting “there” collecting dust.

iPhone 5c


ODM Pegatron Technology, the company which manufactures the iPhone 5C, says that are sitting on 2 million units. The million or so other units are spread out over distributors and carriers.

What could be the reason behind this? Does the iPhone 5C really suck that much?

Sources say that the two main factors that have affected the poor sales of the phone are:

  • not-so-cheap price after all
  • the 4-inch screen; I suppose people are really into larger screens these days.

Apple has stopped ordering new units last year, but that still leaves the 3 million (or so) units that have to be sold. I think that the iPhone 5C is going to take a massive price dip in the very near future…

What does Apple have to say about this? Nada. Zilch. At least officially. Perhaps they’re still thinking of how to phrase a public statement.

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4 thoughts on “3 Million iPhone 5C Units Are Nothing But Dust Collectors

  1. Yes, the iPhone 5C’s 4″ screen is so much smaller than the iPhone 5S’s 4″ screen. That must be the reason nobody buys it.

  2. I wish Apple would discount them so I could pick up one for around $400 and use it as an iPod Touch substitute.

  3. Constable Odo is absolutely right! We’d buy two in a heartbeat if they were non-contract $400 and would use them as iPod Touches.

    I really like the plastic–the meal is COLD to the touch, especially in winter!

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