VIDEO: New ‘Get a Mac’ AD – “Off the Air”

Apple has posted yet another “Get a Mac” Ad. This one is called “Off The Air” and features Mac, PC, and a Mac genius. Essentially the genius is there to drive home the point that you can take your PC into an Apple Store and they will move your files from your old machine to your new Mac for free.

PC is obviously unhappy about this, and tries to shut the commercial down by pulling down a screen of color bars and making off air noises with his mouth. It’s not as good as the ones released earlier this week, but still, a decent entries into the series.

You can view it in HD if you like right here.



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  1. You would have though that these would work on the iPhone.

    Go to the Apple site and try to watch them though and the iPhone says NO!

    If Apple can’t get video working on their site for the iPhones what chance have we of anyone else supporting video on the iPhone.

    -1 cool point for Apple