RUMOR: could be .Mac’s rebranded name

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MacRumors did some detective work this weekend after Daring Fireball kicked this idea around and discovered that Apple seems to own – which may be significant, because it could very well be rebranded name for the .Mac service.

The “Me” service along with “MobileMe” could very well be the desktop and iPhone versions of the soon-to-be-rebranded service, and the change would make sense as Apple expands past merely the Mac brand. was apparently purchased in December of 2007 from a social networking community which changed its name in December 2007 from to

There is no doubt that the purchase of would have been a major investment for Apple, so it is really very unlikely that it was arbitrarily purchased. Apple must have a reason for it.

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8 thoughts on “RUMOR: could be .Mac’s rebranded name

  1. would that mean that my email address will change to [username] ’cause that sounds stupid…

  2. @Lucky

    It was MacRumors who did the research and found the info about Snappville and the 2007 sale. Daring Fireball merely speculated about the possibility based on the MarkMonitor information. I’ve added them to the post, but it was MacRumors, and a MacRumors reader, who actually did the information gathering.

  3. @Rick @krye

    Yeah, I’m really not finding the idea of this name change exciting, although I doubt email addresses will change. If they did, that would be VERY upsetting.

  4. I would not like to see the email domain name change to PLEASE leave all existing accounts with the domain!

    My ISP, changed their domain name a few months ago, the previous domain was very cumbersome. They left all existing emails as they were, all new email accounts changed to the new domain. Hopefully, IF there is any change, .Mac will do the same thing.

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