Relive Your High School Days With the Trapper Keeper – for Your iPad

trapper keeper

Remember those days when the cool kids had Trapper Keeper notebooks? Everyone who had one was in the “in” crowd. Everyone else was either envious or just didn’t care (although I think it was more of the former).

Now, you can have the chance to relive those days when you were cool, or you can have a second chance to be cool, because the Trapper Keeper is back!
trapper keeper
Don’t worry if you think you might look silly carrying one around when you’re not in school anymore, because the Trapper Keeper is keeping up with the times. It’s actually a tablet case. Whoopdie whoo!
trapper keeper
This thing’s for real, boys and girls – Mead (the original people behind the Trapper Keeper) have teamed up with Kensington for this release.

Oh, and I assume they are widening their horizons, not trying to exclude anyone this time. The new Trapper Keeper case is compatible with the iPad and Android tablets.

Now for those of you who are too young to remember the Trapper Keeper, go read this.


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