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Unlike my husband, who is the kind of cook that eschews cookbooks, I like to follow recipes. I’m a baker, so it’s in my nature to painstakingly weigh and measure everything that goes into a dish.

Which is why I practically jumped on HeadCook, a recipe management app that lets you do everything from creating shopping lists for your planned meals, to timing your poached eggs for breakfast on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Now, it doesn’t have the best-looking interface, but what it lacks in prettiness is more than made up for by its features. Besides inputting ingredients and procedure for a recipe, for instance, I can also add nutrition data, calorie counts, cooking time and number of servings. But my favorite thing about HeadCook is how I can sync all this data with my Macbook (works on PCs too) via WiFi.

HeadCook is currently $4.99 at the AppStore.

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