Pogoplug Takes You to the Cloud

So I guess I’m a little bit late in the game here, but I find this concept interesting, so screw it. It’s called the Pogoplug, and it allows you to connect your USB drives to the internet. Just connect a USB drive to the Pogoplug, then connect the Pogoplug to your network either via an ethernet cable or by Wi-Fi. Just like that, your USB drive is available on the internet, just like that. They’re compatible with the iPad and iPhone too.

This solves a problem I’ve been having, in that I have a hard time accessing files I have at home when I’m on the road. Now I have no idea how fast this thing is, and I’ve never used one, but it seems kinda cool. Plus it’s cheap, at $99. If you want one, head over to Best Buy and pick one up.

Apple Gazette Team
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