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Ommwriter is the zen garden of word processing. All word processors of today have the “science” of writing pretty much covered – formatting, spell checking, grammar, it’s all there. Ommwriter focuses all its efforts on the “art” of writing, by providing a deep trance like environment to allow you to concentrate on your work.

The problem with writing these days is that most of our output spurs forth from a computer. Being today’s playground of multitasking, we tend to be distracted by the hubub of everyday social media, emails and gaming.

Ommwriter provides a simple background that supercedes all windows and menu bars, which means it runs on full screen by default. All you are presented with is a blank sheet of paper — no wait, canvas to create your next literary masterpiece. You cannot do complex formatting with Ommwriter; changing the font changes the entire document, but it matters not as the files are saved at *.txt or as a proprietary *.omm format. Other things you can tweak include the ambient music and volume, simulating a writing environment of total relaxation. You can also change the background canvas wallpaper.

Ommwriter from Herraiz Soto on Vimeo.

Here’s a tip. Make Ommwriter a part of your writing routine. Before you actually start, run the application so the music fills the room allowing you absorb it, letting go of all earthly distractions to induce the best conditions for writing. And after you’re done, keep it running. Lie down and listen to the sound of the waves.

[Ommwriter for Mac OS X — FREE Download]

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