Netflix “Watch Instantly” coming to Mac by year end

One of the best features of a Netflix subscription is the “Watch Instantly” service where you can watch any of their online titles for free online with the click of a few buttons. It’s a great feature that they’re expanding to the Xbox 360, select DVD players and digital boxes, and now – thankfully – to the Mac.

One of the only reasons I have Windows on my Mac (via VM Ware Fusion) is for when I had a Netflix subscription. I recently cancelled it because I was tired of having to load Windows to use this feature – which I found myself using far more than the actual DVD rentals.

Yesterday, though, Netflix posted something on their blog about the development of a Mac version of the Watch Instantly service – which should be available by the end of the year. When they get it up and running – I’ll be re-subscribing to the service…assuming the Mac player works.


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  1. I’m of a whoop-de-doo about this one.
    Sure, adding a 1000 movies is cool–I mean, who doesn’t want to watch Policewoman Centerfold with Melody Anderson of Flash Gordon fame–but still…
    Mac by year end, Xbox by the end of fall (isn’t that Dec 1?)
    I wish they’d just give a solid time line.
    The real question–for me–is do I wait a month for Mac or shell out $30 extra to watch on my Xbox?