Microsoft says they will eventually ‘be the leader’ in digital media players

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Apple Insider is reporting that Microsoft has, evidently, lost their minds.

The company is reporting that they expect to sell 1 million Zunes by the end of next June. A number which they believe is quote: “actually pretty awesome”

Well…when you consider that is the same amount of iPods Apple sells each WEEK…it’s a little less awesome.

I hate to be an Apple fanboy, but the Zune is a dud, and there are tons of non-Apple related sites that are saying so too.  According to the Associated Press sales for the Zune’s first two weeks ranked it No. 2 with about a 9% retail share.

However, after the promotion of rival, and much cheaper, players on “Black Friday”, Zune’s rank dropped to No. 5.

According to the Apple Insider article, the Zune isn’t doing much better over at Amazon, where it has dropped to the 55th best selling item in the electronics category.

If Microsoft hopes to have any chance to succeeding in their goals of eventually being “the leader” in Digital Media players, they’re going to have to make some BIG changes to the Zune in the next releases…particularly in the area of DRM and extortion payments to Universal…because I, for one, will stop listening to music all together, before I’m going to give Universal a penny because they think I’m a thief.

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