Lux claims to bring Full-Screen Multitouch to your Mac

If you’re looking for an iPhone-like multi-touch experience on your Mac, the new open source project, Lux, might just be your answer. Gizmodo has interviewed the creator of this project, and – assuming this is all on the up and up – it looks like he’s created something very interesting.

Here is a demo below:

My only real problem with this is that the demo video looks to me like its off a bit, and could easily be faked. I’m not saying that it is, just looking at this cautiously.

I also feel like, if this is a true representation of what multi-touch on screen would be on a Mac…maybe we don’t need it. It doesn’t look particularly useful, but it is interesting.

You can find out more about Lux right here. The open source code is supposed to available in June.



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  1. It looks a bit suspicious to me as well. There a noticeable delay between the fingers and what’s happening on the screen, so it either not working well or just a fake. Why can’t we see the whole display? It could easily be ‘well’ synchronized screen projection. And whether it’s actually useful or not? It could be for someone, but I don’t see something like this becoming a mainstream in the near future. More realistic would be something we have seen Tom Cruise using in Minority Report, or David Hewlett in Stargate Atlantis. Even though it wasn’t technically touching the screen, I’d find it much more useful than this.

  2. I agree, as far as usefulness I don’t know if it’ll be sucessful, maybe as an optional add-on or something that comes included and is “on the side” but not as the main feature of a whole system. And about fake or not, give it a break with the whole delay and stuff, it is still pretty much under development (if it’s not a fake). Anybody know where they got the music from?

  3. Maybe those iTablet rumors aren’t as far of as everyone thinks . . .

    That would all be very useful on an iTablet.