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Turn your iPhone sideways and peel out! The 2010 Real Racing Game, “R. Racing GT” gives the player a graphically spectacular experience.

The free version of the application provides a limited array of vehicles to start, VW hatchbacks, but the detail of the cars and the tracks is breathtaking. The game is played with the iPhone sideways and used as a spur-of-the-moment steering wheel of sorts; it is simple and works quite well.

The gameplay is fantastic and fun, as the player steers a speeding rubber burning cruiser through a variety of road courses designed to throw the vehicle into sharp explosive turns. Crashes and broken glass all but come through the iPhone screen and into one’s lap!

The acceleration, shifting and braking are left to the computer, as the default, so that a player merely has to concentrate on the steering of the roaring racecar that is scraping steel fenders down the track. This App makes for an interesting addition to any bank line that has crept up and kidnapped one’s time from the life’s hourglass; do not think beyond turning and hurling to victory!

Grade: B+

R. Racing GTI App
R. Racing GTI App

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