iLust allows you to practice party ogling

The creators of iLust put you in a rather real-life situation. You’re at a party and a hot girl sits right next to you. From your peripheral vision you try to steal glances but you can’t help it — you have to tilt your head to admire the full pulchritude of this feminine specimen. There’s a catch though — right beside you is the jealous boyfriend. And he’s sort of watching you.

The goal of iLust is to ogle just enough to satisfy your masculine cravings (as represented by filling up the ogle meter) without drawing attention to the girl. All you really need to do is pay attention to her face as it tilts left and right. Just don’t catch her eye. Likewise tilting the iPhone left and right moves your head, so you can alternate by looking at her and …. to some random point at the party as if not caring. There’s a time limit — so ogling needs to be efficient!

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