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I mentioned on Wednesday that I had ordered my Casecrown Vertical Messenger bag, and I got it today. If you want to save some time, I can give you the verdict right now: I’m disappointed.

I suppose I should have figured from the get go that this case wasn’t designed for the iPad specifically, mostly from the picture above of the Asus netbook chilling in the pocket. I still held out hope though, because the case was everything I was looking for, and it fit all of my requirements. Opening up the package, the smell of “new car” wafts through the air. The case is a little big for holding just the iPad, but after I looked at the listing again I read the line “Carries the Apple iPad Tablet” and realize that I’ve just been schnookered. Yes, it carries the iPad, but you can say the same thing about a grocery bag. I didn’t spend $30 to buy a netbook bag with a flap that kind fits the iPad, and yet, that’s where I am today.

So how does it carry the iPad? In the main compartment, there’s a heavily padded area designed for a netbook. The iPad fits in there, but it moves around a lot in that area, so there’s really no point in using it. Two spaces forward of that is a small pocket with velcro that is only padded on one side. It’s the perfect height for the iPad, except that the velcro closure is level with the base of the device, making it impossible to close. There are other spots to hold the thing, but really, don’t you want a legitimate case? One actually made to hold the iPad?

I’m pretty disappointed in this case. I was really optimistic that it would fit my needs but I guess I was wrong. I just hope I can find something that I really want that doesn’t cost a small fortune.

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