10 Premium Apps Go Free for App Store’s 5th Anniversary


The App Store turns five years old this week, and 10 major, critically-acclaimed and fan-favorite apps are going free to celebrate. They include Infinity Blade II, Barefoot World Atlas, Traktor DJ, and more.

In honor of the App Store’s 5-year anniversary, Apple has compiled a list of what it considers the 10 best third-party apps of all time, and best of all, these ten apps are free. Grab them fast, because the freebie sale only lasts one week: Monday, July 8th through Sunday, July 14th. After that, the ten apps go back to their regular prices.

There are some truly terrific apps here, including several that typically fall on the pricier side of the App Store’s catalog. Pro music mixing app Traktor DJ, for example, usually sells for $20.

Apple hasn’t formally released their list yet, so we don’t officially know all 10. But the following apps are confirmed to be part of it, and we’ll update this page when Apple makes its official announcement.

Update: Apple has updated the App Store with a page explaining that these anniversary-celebrating apps are not “the best apps ever,” as previously expected. Instead, they’re listed as “five groundbreaking apps” and “five landmark games.” Since the App Store separates them this way, I’ve updated this page to list them the same way, as you can see below.


Barefoot World Atlas

An awesome interactive atlas that helps kids (and parents) learn geography and other cool stuff about the Earth.

Regular price: $4.99
Made for: iPhone & iPad
Download Barefoot World Atlas

Also: to celebrate their inclusion on the list, Barefoot Books is offering several of its real-world “Travel the World” titles at 25% off when you buy online and use the promo code “APPLE.”

Day One

Why can’t keeping a diary or journal be as easy as tweeting? Now it can! Coolness: the iPhone and iPad apps sync to each other.

Regular price: $4.99
Made for: iPhone & iPad
Download Day One

How to Cook Everything

Michael Bittman’s bestselling cookbook, featuring 2,000 recipes, in app form. Filled with tons of useful tools for cooks.

Regular price: $9.99
Made for: iPhone & iPad
Download How to Cook Everything


Makes it simple to add cool text to your photos, with always-great-looking results.

Regular price: $1.99
Made for: iPhone & iPad
Download Over

Traktor DJ

Anyone can mix amazing, pro-level music tracks in seconds with this fantastic app.

Regular price: $4.99 (iPhone), $19.99 (iPad)
Made for: iPhone & iPad
Download Traktor DJ for iPhone and Traktor DJ for iPad



Like Angry Birds on crack, this game has you helping creatures through a creepy, atmospheric forest full of platforming goodness.

Regular price: $3.99
Made for: iPhone & iPad
Download Badlands

Infinity Blade II

Sequel to the bestselling, gesture-based action title with probably the best graphics of anything on iOS.

Regular price: $6.99
Made for: iPhone & iPad
Download Infinity Blade II

Also: to celebrate IB2‘s selection, Epic Games has also temporarily reduced the price of the original Infinity Blade from $5.99 to $2.99.

Superbrothers: Sword & Scorcery

An 8-bit adventure game set in a fantasy realm that cleverly uses music as part of its play mechanics.

Regular price: $4.99
Made for: iPhone & iPad
Download Superbrothers: Sword & Scorcery

Tiny Wings

Sidescrolling action/adventure where you propel birds into the air using hills.

Regular price: $2.99
Made for: iPhone & iPad
Download Tiny Wings for iPhone and Tiny Wings for iPad

Where’s My Water?

Disney’s addictive puzzle game that crosses demographics and appeals to adults and kids alike.

Regular price: $.99
Made for: iPhone & iPad
Download Where’s My Water?

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  1. Not that much probably. I mean, they are great apps and I am sure that many of us will download at least a few of them, but it is not like they’re topping the charts or anything.