Funny Apple Pencil Tweets (#iPencil)

funny apple pencil tweets

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Not your ordinary pencil, yet not quite a smart pencil either, the Apple Pencil has been the butt of many jokes since it was unveiled during last week’s Apple event.

It does have pretty interesting (impressive even) features, but spoofs, parodies, disbelief, and disappointment abound. Our own Justin McGee is disturbed by the whole naming concept:

While there are a number of things from this fall’s iPhone event to be really excited about, the audacity of Apple’s Pencil begins to undermine much of it. And it’s not even about the product itself; this stylus could be the greatest stylus man has ever created (and it probably is), but the sheer pretentiousness of the name Pencil is, honestly, disturbing.

Let’s start the week with a bit of hilarity, just because.

Here are some funny Apple Pencil tweets I’ve come across – #iPencil tweets, if you will.

This is first – because Spongebob.

90s kid? I can totally relate!

Hipster much?

Can’t teach old dogs new tricks?

This may or may not be funny, but it sure does make you think.

So what do you think of the Apple Pencil? Are you convinced that you need a stylus?

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