Ecamm unveils the iMage

medium.jpgMacNN reports Ecamm Network and Pico Instruments announced the release of their iMage USB Webcam for Mac on Tuesday. The Webcam works with any OS X video application, including iChat, Skype and more. The iMage promises high quality video for less than half the price of Apple’s iSight. The iMage is currently available for $59.95. For a limited time you can get free shipping, Ecamm’s Conference Recorder for iChat, and Skype Call Recorder (which should make this a must have for any of you would-be podcasters out there).

While we can’t compare the video quality of the iMage to the iSight or any other Mac-based Webcam just yet [although, we’d be happy to Ecamm…hint, hint…], For the price, this seems to be one of the most economical choices for a high quality video webcam on the Mac.

Click Here to vist the iMage Site

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