Brushed Metal gone from latest Leopard Build

Table of Contents has some screenshots of the latest Leopard build, and the most noticible difference is that the brush metal look appears to be gone from the OS. I think most people agree that it’s time for a change as far as the brushed metal look is concerned…

There is no word (of course) if this is what the UI will actually look like when Leopard ships 6 months from now, but even if this is all they change about the graphical look of the OS it will be a welcome change. I still have hope for a more refreshed look for Leopard when it ships, but we’ll have to wait and see…

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4 thoughts on “Brushed Metal gone from latest Leopard Build

  1. The latest version of Uno works really well and gives your whole Mac a consistent and much needed face lift.

    Have you started baking that BOOT shaped cake yet??? 🙂

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