BBC iPlayer coming to Mac…and maybe to other countries

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The BBC iPlayer is a relatively new way for BBC viewers in the U.K. to get their television. It provides Windows users a download solution to get heavily DRMed programming that they can then watch for a limited time after it airs on the BBC in the U.K. This is a free service…well, unless you count the BBC TV fee that everyone in the U.K. that has a television has to pay. So…it’s really not free…just a part of the package.

Still, it’s nice, and it looks like it’s finally headed to Macs. Since the BBC is working with Microsoft DRM on the Windows version of the player, don’t be surprised to see it take form through Silverlight. That’s how Netflix is reportedly bringing their Watch Instantly service to the Mac…and it makes sense that the BBC might do the same.

The more interesting part of the TAB report I was reading about this, is that there is talk in the BBC about opening the iPlayer up internationally.

While I’m sure that wouldn’t be a FREE service for those of us in other countries, I would gladly pay to have first run access to all the BBC programming that I enjoy. I don’t want to be behind on Doctor Who or anything else. Heck, I’d pay for a BBC Box to plug into the television AND a fee to watch the shows. The BBC produces some of the best television on the planet at times…and I’d like to get it quickly and easily.

Hopefully, we’ll all have that chance soon.

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