3 Super Effective Antivirus Software Packages That Protect Your Mac

Apple Mac Antivirus Scan

Apple Mac Antivirus Scan

If you think the golden days of Apple Mac security are here to stay you are sorely mistaken. Over the last several years an increasing number of hacks have been successful against Apple computers, and as the popularity of iPhones, iPads, iMac’s, and Macbooks continues to grow those attacks will only become more commonplace.

Thankfully we are able to protect our Apple products using the very same software tools trusted by Windows users.

Whether you need a full antivirus suite with internet browsing protection or a simple application for general use, these three antivirus software packages have you covered.

Kromtech MacKeeper

When it comes to protecting your iMac or MacBook while at the same time protecting your computers files there is no better option. 

MacKeep provides a robust antivirus and malware solution that protects a users computer when malicious files are downloaded and loaded. The application also provides active scanning of files as you browse the web.

This program scans emails for viruses, detects Windows viruses that you could pass on to your other computers, and provides anti-phishing support.

Kromtech has also included a very popular file management platform that protects your files from deletion. The program also gives customers data encryption capabilities, a file backup service, and a “shredder” which completely destroys files you don’t want anyone to see.

At $60 (MSRP) the program isn’t cheap among a sea of free options, but it most certainly is the most complete package on our list.

Titanium Internet Security for Mac

Titanium is a competent security suite for Apple computers that won’t break the bank at $39.99.

This security option once again features full antivirus and malware protection alongside regularly updated definition files, antiphishing measures, and Windows virus detection.

Titanium will scan all of your computers drives and external hardware for viruses and it even provides parental control options.

Schedule your scans or perform a quick manual scan, in either case this program is lightweight so it won’t slow your computer and it scans quickly and efficiently.

Kaspersky Security for Mac

I am personally a huge fan of Kaspersky because its the antivirus program that never leaves you alone. Kaspersky is great about issuing warnings and making sure a user knows when updates are available.

Just like our other two selections Kaspersky Security for Mac provides antivirus and malware protection, along with email security.

Scan external drives, schedule virus scans, and even use a virtual keyboard to stop keylogger hacks all for $79.95.

The security experts at Kaspersky have discovered some of the most well hidden and sophisticated computer viruses in the world which should tell you all you need to know about this high-end and competent antivirus program.

Kaspersky offers computer, tablet, and smartphone security packages which means you can implement one company’s product line across all of your Apple owned products.

Choosing the right virus scan and protection suite for your computer isn’t an easy task if you take security seriously. If you still need more information visit best antivirus, a website dedicated to providing information for the most up-to-date and competent virus scan programs on the market.

Do you have a favorite antivirus program for your Apple products?


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