Where Do Apple Refurbished Products Come From?

Where Do Apple Refurbished Products Come From

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When it comes to buying anything electronic, most people prefer getting it brand new. The reason behind this is that second-hand items, especially gadgets, may have underlying problems. If you still need to have it fixed, that’ll just be an additional expense. Might as well just get a brand new item then.

However, always buying new gadgets contributes to more electronic waste, also known as e-waste. Apple thought of a solution for this: refurbished Apple products. Instead of buying a new iPhone, you can get a refurbished one specifically from Apple. These products are sold to Apple by previous owners, used either as a model in their store or for personal use.

Each certified refurbished product that Apple sells undergoes the same rigorous process that all new Apple products also undergo. That means that Apple Certified Refurbished products have the same functional standards as new ones. Even better, you can purchase these products and save up to 15%.

What do you get?

Certified Apple Refurbished products are like brand new products. When previous owners sell them to Apple, the company makes it a point to check everything, from the device’s physical condition up to its internal hardware. If necessary, they will replace the broken pieces with genuine Apple parts. Each refurbished product is thoroughly inspected and cleaned by professionals.

In addition, Apple will also automatically replace the outer shell and battery of the device. Plus, all refurbished devices will come with the same accessories, like charging cables. You can order a refurbished product from the Apple Store and have it shipped to your address for free. It’ll come in a brand new white box, too. If dissatisfied, you can return the refurbished item to Apple

Will it have the same quality as new Apple products?

Most people worry that the quality won’t be the same between a brand new Apple product and a refurbished one. Apple commits to quality whether it’s a new device or a remanufactured one. That is why to ensure confidence among its customers, Apple’s standard one-year limited warranty is automatically included with each Apple Certified Refurbished Product. Customers may also opt to add AppleCare if they want to.

Will it work the same as new Apple products?

Yes, it will. Apple ensures that the refurbished products are fully functional. These devices are supposed to work like brand new products. Hence, all of its parts should be in complete working condition. There should be no issues at all, from the screen display to the battery. 

This is what makes Apple Certified Refurbished products different from the usual second-hand devices. Apple ensures that these refurbished items are up to the functional standard of a brand new Apple product. If you find any faults with it, you can return it to Apple and they can replace it with a new one.

Does it undergo the standard Apple process/testing?

Yes, it does. Even refurbished products undergo rigorous testing, just like brand new ones. This guarantees that the refurbished items are up to the standard that Apple is known for. From hardware to software tests, refurbished items should pass them all completely. All components of the device will be thoroughly checked by experts.

Refurbishers are tasked to troubleshoot should they find any issues with these items. They can either fix the problem or replace the part in its entirety. This can range from replacing a cracked screen to replacing the battery. Following all the replacements, the product will then undergo another test to check all its functions. It should perform as well as a brand new product before it can be approved for selling.

Will it look brand new?

To a certain extent, yes. A lot of people are worried about dents and scratches when it comes to second-hand items. Fortunately, Apple makes sure that all Certified Refurbished items undergo a thorough cleaning process. This includes the removal of dirt and all kinds of debris. They will also polish the screen as well as remove dust from keyboards and ports. Even the internal parts of the hardware are also completely cleaned and sanitized. 

However, there are different cosmetic conditions when you buy a refurbished product. This will be discussed down below.

Will it have previous user data in it?

No, it won’t. Apart from checking the hardware components, Apple also makes sure that all previous data is wiped from the refurbished device. It’ll be just like brand new.

So, what’s the difference?

The main difference would be the price, of course. It is naturally cheaper to buy a refurbished product than a brand new item. While both devices would be 100% functional, it will all come down to their appearances. The brand new product would be free from any dents and scuffs. That is guaranteed. On the other hand, refurbished products come in three cosmetic conditions:

  • Excellent: The product is in perfect physical condition.
  • Good: The product’s screen is in very good condition. It’s possible that there are some tiny scuffs or nicks on the side.
  • Fair: Expect the product to have scuffs and nicks. However, the product will still be 100% functional.

Overall, getting a refurbished product isn’t bad at all. In essence, it’s almost the same as a brand new Apple product. The only varying factor would be the appearance.

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