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mspacman.jpgiTunes today is offering a free demo of Ms. Pacman for iPod. I don’t know if this is US only or not, so if any of you out of the United States find out, please feel free to leave comments below to let us know.

I assume this an effort to get more people downloading iPod games…the device isn’t the perfect platform for gaming, but I do find Vortex fun, and I know there are several games that could work on the device. I’m downloading my copy of Ms. Pac-man now…

Click Here to download your copy

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4 thoughts on “Get Free Ms. Pacman Demo in iTunes

  1. I was pretty excited to try this out, after reading about it, but in my iTunes Store page, it doesnt appear to be available for free. I am in India and this would have been my first iPod game. But now….

  2. oops, sorry there. I dint realise that only the demo was available for free. Downloading it now…:)

  3. correct me if i’m wrong, but is it not the point of a demo to be… free? 😛 i mean, who pays for a demo?

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