These Transparent Macintosh Prototypes Will Blow You Away

transparent Macintosh

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Transparent Macintosh

Is that beautiful or what? Classic, vintage – however you want to describe this baby, one thing is for sure: it is a sight for sore eyes.

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of Apple’s Macintosh, software engineer Jonathan Zufi showcases his collection of transparent Macintosh prototypes, a project that took him four years to complete.

Transparent Macintosh


While the images of the transparent Macintosh protypes themselves are amazing, Zufi’s efforts are nothing short of that as well. In those four years, he tracked down and bought 500 items and took 150,000 photos! He also had to deal with collectors – who understandably wouldn’t give away their own stash – and he had to convince them to “show off” their collections.

The result?

A showcase that will blow your mind away – Apple user or not.

transparent Macintosh


There is a whole lot more of this where it came from, so check out the full article on The Daily Mail.

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