The Truffol Station 5 USB Charger Combines Beauty and Function

You know just how much we dislike having a mess of cables, and while this is inevitable in some parts of the house, if one can employ solutions like Quirky’s, then we’re all for it!

While I am a huge fan of Quirky, there is something to be said about wooden accessories. This is especially significant if your furniture – speakers, entertainment table, etc. – is made of wood.

Enter the Truffol 5 USB charger.

Truffol Station 5 USB Charger

Isn’t that a beauty? Here is the dock seen from different angles.

Truffol 5 USB Charger

Truffol 5 USB Charger

This charger is nothing less than handmade, using genuine natural wood, and it also comes in a lighter color although I prefer the darker hue.

Truffol USB charger dock

Product specs:

  • 5-Port USB Desktop Charger with 2.5m (8.2ft) 12V3A 36W Power Adapter, 2X Quick Charge 2.4A and 3X Universal 1.0A
  • Charge Phones, Tablets or Other USB Devices Simultaneously
  • Easy Access Smart Charger with Complete Plastic Insulation and Built-in Surge Protector to Protect You and Your Devices
  • Groundbreaking Fusion Design with Premium Handcrafted Natural Walnut Wood with Brushed Machine-milled Aluminum Base; High-quality Rubber Bottom Prevents Slipping or Scuffing While on Your Desk
  • Guaranteed Safety: FCC/CE Certified, Industry Grade Materials and Premium Circuitry Ensure Superior Performance and Reliability. 100-240 Volt Input Ideal for International Travel

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a good buy to me.

Get the Truffol 5 USB charger for $39.99.

Has anyone tried the Truffol charger? Any feedback?

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