Get a Sweet Deal on a Quirky Apple Cords Kit

Quirky Apple cords kit

I’ve always loved Quirky products, although the I have to admit that they have some pretty useless ones. The Apple accessories, however, are a whole different story. Truth be told, the ‘spaghetti incident’ is not a problem that’s solely in the domain of Apple users. Every gadget hoarder has to deal with the issue of a jumbled mess of cords.

For Apple users, there’s the perk of having nicely designed products to take care of that problem, thanks to Quirky.

If you’re into the brand, or you’re just sick and tired of having to untangle your cords all the time, here’s your chance to score a Quirky Apple Cords Kit at a nice discount.

Cult of Mac is offering the Quirky Apple Cords Kit, which includes the following:

-1 black Cordies Pop
-1 black Pivot Power Pop
-1 black Powercurl Mini
-1 black Powercurl 60W
-1 black Wrapster Pop

If you buy these accessories at the normal price, you’ll have to shell out $49. While that’s not much for the whole bunch, you have 6 days to save some money and get all 5 for only $36. That’s a little more than 25% savings, and from that perspective, that’s a sweet deal.

New year, new habits: keep your cords organized. It makes cleaning easier, too. Unless you don’t mind grey cords…

Check out the deal at Cult of Mac.

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