The Best Apple Homepod Stand in 2021

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If you already have a HomePod at your house, then you already know how amazing it is to have at home. It’s an Apple smart speaker that supports Apple Music and AirPlay. Having one at home truly elevates your personal space. You can place your HomePod on any flat surface in the house, wherever you find it suitable. However, you may notice that it does vibrate when you use it so it might move around from time to time.

While most people just place their HomePod on a table surface, some still prefer to get a stand specifically for their HomePod. One reason would be to protect the table surface where it sits. A stand can also dampen or soften the vibrations that your HomePod makes when you’re listening to loud music. On the other hand, some people prefer their HomePods to be attached to the wall rather than sitting on a surface. Whichever you prefer, here are some of the best Apple HomePod stands you can get today.

Best Apple HomePod Stands in 2021

LANMU HomePod Stand

best apple homepod stand

One of the most simple Apple HomePod stands out there is the LANMU HomePod Stand. Albeit its simplicity, a lot of people prefer this stand over sophisticated ones. It’s inexpensive and works great at protecting your table surface. It’s like a silicone coaster that effectively absorbs some of the vibrations made by your HomePod. This one comes in black and white so you can choose which aesthetic you prefer.

oGoDeal Wall Mount HomePod Stand

If you don’t like seeing your HomePod sitting on top of a surface, you can choose to mount it on your wall instead. The oGoDeal Wall Mount HomePod Stand is a great option if you’re looking for something light but sturdy. It’s made of aluminum alloy so it’s not heavy at all and it blends really well on your wall. Don’t worry about the height, as this one is designed with a ring that will hold your HomePod in place and keep it safe.

WAWAHA HomePod Stand

best apple homepod stand 2021

Bored of how the HomePod looks upright? You can display it sideways to make it look unique or unusual. The WAWAHA HomePod Stand is perfect for this kind of setup. Despite the unusual placing of the HomePod, this stand will ensure your device’s stability and safety. Its base is also designed to dampen the vibrations of your HomePod so you can rest easy that it won’t fall off. If you like how this stand looks but prefer it to be upright, there’s a version for that, too.

KIWI design HomePod Stand

Most common HomePod coaster-style stands are made of silicone, as it helps in maintaining a smooth table surface underneath while your HomePod sits on top of it. However, some still prefer the metallic-looking stands, as it looks more edgy and stylish. So, if you’re looking for a coaster-style stand that’s made of aluminum alloy, you can check out the KIWI design HomePod Stand. It’s simple but looks quite elegant sitting on your table. It can still protect your table surface so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

CIRCLE TECH Apple HomePod & Cell Phone Stand

Want something more functional? Why not get a stand for both your HomePod and your iPhone? If this is something you’re interested in, check out the CIRCLE TECH Apple HomePod & Cell Phone Stand. It’s a great accessory for when you want to connect your iPhone to your HomePod and select music from your phone. They can sit together on a stand that looks pretty great on almost any desk. It gives that elegant vibe without compromising convenience.

AutoSonic Stand for HomePod

A stand specifically designed for HomePod and HomePod Mini is the AutoSonic Stand. Made of aluminum, this stand adds that classy touch to the overall look of your personal space. While it isn’t cheap, you’re guaranteed the high quality and superb performance that comes with the brand. You can place it almost anywhere and it’ll blend right in. Plus, this stand won’t take up too much space. It also features an anti-slip pad so you don’t have to worry about your HomePod slipping.

EVOS Fixed Height Floor Stand

best apple homepod stand

If you’re looking for a floor stand that’s specifically just for your HomePod, then look no further than the EVOS Fixed Height Floor Stand. You can place it inside or outside of your home and it’ll look great either way. It’s also easy to install and looks minimalistic. This stand features premium silicone pads that ensure that your HomePod will always stay in place. Cable management will also be easier for this stand, as it can run along the rod instead of all over the place. Despite its height, this stand has a solid steel base to ensure stability and safety for your HomePod.

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