ReSound LiNX: The First Made For iPhone Hearing Aid Doubles as Headset

Made For iPhone hearing aid

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Made For iPhone hearing aid

MFi (Made For iPhone) is a licensing program that gives developers and manufacturers the authority to create accessories that are officially for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. This program gives access to hardware, tools, documentation, technical support, and of course, the certification logo.

We’ve seen some really cool MFi accessories in the market, but the first Made For iPhone hearing aid might very well be one of the best so far.

Called ReSound LiNX, the first Made For iPhone hearing aid is made by Denmark-based ReSound. It not only helps people with hearing problems, but it also functions as a headset for iOS devices. That’s killing two birds with one stone if anything!

The ReSound LiNX is relies on Bluetooth Smart to connect with an iOS device, so that the hearing aid can be controlled wirelessly, without the need for another remote control.

For people with hearing problems, the ReSound LiNX is a dream device, as it can be fitted to match the needs of practically every degree of hearing problem. With the technology used for the hearing aid, volume control is a piece of cake and there is a high degree of customization.

And just like we use Find My iPhone, ReSound LiNX owners can use “Find My Hearing Aid” to locate a misplaced device.

Learn more here.

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