Classic Leather Apple Watch Band by Pad & Quill

pad and quill leather apple watch band

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Pad and Quill has gained quite a following thanks to its high-quality selection of Apple accessories. From bags to iPad cases to iPhone cases to MacBook cases, the company has not failed to roll out products that make you say “Want!”.

Naturally, they’re in on the Apple Watch accessory market as well.

There are leather Apple Watch bands out there, but the Pad and Quill Leather Apple Watch Band is worth saving up for.

The leather material used for this Apple Watch band is not faux leather, nor is it just any kind of leather. It is the same kind of leather – luxury full grain leather – used in other Pad and Quill products, so if you already own a case or two, you know just how the material feels.

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But it’s not just the leather that makes this band stand out. Based on the product details, the band is handcrafted by a 4th generation Italian leather tannery artisan named Victorio. Impressive.


  • Each band signed by the artisan
  • Sizing – 130-210mm wrists
  • Crafted from very gently tumbled American full grain leathers
  • Mix and match to find the perfect complement to your Apple Watch
  • 4 beautiful leather options
  • 2 options of metal: Stainless Steel and Polished Black
  • 38mm and 42mm size options
  • The signature orange stitch, our tribute to World Vision

The leather options are British Tan, Whiskey, Chocolate, and Galloper Black.

pad and quill leather apple watch band

The product won’t be available till mid-August (that’s just a few weeks’ wait anyway), but you can pre-order now for $89.95.

Pricey? Well, you paid several hundreds for the Watch, what’s another hundred? Plus, the band should come in handy when you need to look spiffy.

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