What Happens When You Torch an iPhone 6

torch an iPhone 6

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Some people really have way too much time on their hands, not to mention money. I guess unless they’re doing these ridiculous things for a living and/or have sponsors who pay for their shenanigans.

Remember the dude who boiled an iPhone in Coke? 

He’s back. This time with an acetylene torch. You know, that thing they use to cut metal and tough materials…

If you’ve seen that post, then you know where this is going. If not, read about the iPhone boiled in Coke.

TechRax, the guy behind these iPhone stunts took it upon himself to torch an iPhone 6.

torch an iPhone 6

What for? Well, do you really need a reason if you can do something for the heck of it?

The acetylene torch produces the third hottest flame possible, so even if you dont watch the video, you pretty much have a clue what happens to the phone.

What is rather surprising is that the iPhone survived the flames. In a way.

Here, see for yourself.

While you can’t use the phone to call or text or anything like that, it’s amazing how you can still press the home button, isn’t it?

Either the iPhone 6 is really one tough SOB, or it’s got dragon blood. Because fire can’t hurt a dragon.

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