Best MacBook Accessories for Traveling Professionals in 2019

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Since Osborne Computer Corp. created the first laptop computer in 1981, the world of laptops has come a long way.

The MacBook has become one of the most popular laptop styles around, offering high performance in a lightweight package. But as any professional on the go knows, accessories can make a MacBook even better.

You can boost your comfort and productivity while on the go with the right laptop accessories. But what are the best MacBook accessories for your needs? We’ve created this guide to help you wade through the wealth of options.

Keep reading to learn which MacBook accessories you should invest in this year!

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

A set of high-quality noise-canceling headphones makes getting work done possible no matter what the noise level is. From buy airports to chatty coffeeshops, this accessory boosts your productivity while also reducing your stress.

You can choose from lots of high-quality headphones today, but make sure you get a comfortable over-the-ear style that you can wear for hours at a time. Some high-end models let you choose between levels of noise cancellation, so you don’t have to work in complete silence.

With Apple now owning Beats headphones, there has been a lot of discussion on what they would be coming out with in reference to the best noise cancelling headphones on the market. This was recently talked about back in 2018, as the headphones are now available for purchase.

Before purchasing your next set of expensive headphones, be sure to check the run time, as you don’t want to take frequent breaks just to charge your headphones.

2. Laptop Sleeve

A trendy laptop sleeve offers an easy way to carry your laptop without adding extra bulk. As an added bonus, you can find many trendy laptop sleeves that you’ll be glad to show off.

Look for a style that has extra compartments, so you can carry notebooks, reading material, and other essentials alongside your MacBook. The best designs have soft, shock-absorbing materials that will protect your laptop even if you drop it.

High-quality laptop sleeves don’t have to break the bank, either: you can easily find one for under $20.

If you are doing any type of traveling, a laptop sleeve is a must. Even more so if you are a popular travel blogger that needs to make sure their site is uploaded with new content and pictures at all times.

3. Wireless Mouse

For some tasks, the trackpad just isn’t the most practical option. A wireless mouse is easy to transport and allows you to do much more with your MacBook.

You can find lots of attractive, comfortable wireless mouse designs, but don’t forget to look for one that can hold a charge for a long time.

4. Portable Charger

You know the feeling of being far from home and having no wall socket in sight? A portable charger means you can charge your laptop and get work done in a wealth of new locations.

Look for a charger that can easily power your MacBook fully and have some charge left over, too. Some of the best portable chargers have extra USB outlets so you can charge your phone or other devices at the same time.

5. Lap Desk

Lap desks make working, reading, and studying from anywhere easier and more comfortable. You can find all kinds of different styles of laptop lap desks, so which one should you choose?

First, make sure to choose a style that’s light, so carrying it with you won’t become a hassle. Next, look for the right level of cushioning, since comfort is key. You can even find lap desks with memory foam and other high-tech comfort materials.

Some include storage, while others are stripped-down and minimalist. The right design for you all depends on when you’ll use it and what you’ll use it for.

6. International Adaptors

If you travel internationally, you know that foreign outlets can be vastly different from the ones at home. Carry an adaptor that lets you charge your equipment in any country, so you’ll never need to look up the translation for “laptop charger” again.

You can also find multi-port adaptors so you can charge your phone, headphones, and other accessories while you’re at it.

7. Ethernet Adaptor

Many of the newest MacBook Pro designs don’t include room for an Ethernet port. However, you can fix this with one of the top accessories for MacBook Pro: an Ethernet adaptor.

This allows you to connect your computer to the internet the old-fashioned way, which often allows for a faster connection than wireless.

8. Flash Drive

This basic accessory has been around for a while, but it’s still essential for storing and transmitting information. Today’s flash drives are better than ever, too: you can find styles to transfer large files, as well as ones with damage-proof designs.

The most creative flash drives now come with custom branded images and are in a wide range of shapes. These are often one of the more creative talking points found across popular Mac blogs.

9. Laptop Case

If you want a sturdier option than the laptop sleeve, look for a high-quality laptop case, such as a messenger bag or backpack.

The best cases double as carry-on bags with enough storage for all the essentials. However, you’ll also want a design that’s lightweight and easy to carry. Look for trendy designs that are durable, have enough storage, and will protect your MacBook if you drop it occasionally.

Amazon has a great collection of MacBook cases, but you should also search through Google as well to find the best selection.

10. Keyboard Cover

When you’re traveling, your keyboard can quickly get grimy. Protect it with a sleek keyboard cover. You won’t even notice these clear covers while you’re typing, but they’ll keep your keys and the rest of your MacBook safe from most sources of dirt.

Once the cover gets dirty, just take it off and wash it for a fresh start. Look for a cover that will hold up to long-term use.

11. Privacy Screen

Don’t want the neighbors on your flight to see everything you’re working on? Install a simple magnetic privacy screen to keep prying eyes away from your work.

Today’s privacy screens can even preserve most of the brightness and color underneath, so they’re better than the old-school privacy screens at your local library. If you work with sensitive information or just prefer to keep things private, this is an essential accessory.

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Where to Find the Best MacBook Accessories

If you’re shopping for the best MacBook accessories, we’d recommend starting online. This gives you the chance to compare features and reviews for dozens of items quickly, so you can find the best style for your needs.

Looking for more cool accessories to try? Even though the holidays have passed, this gift-shopping list has some great ideas you might want to gift yourself!

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