Every Apple Product Ever

"The Insanely Great History of Apple" print by Pop Chart Lab

Brooklyn-based company Pop Chart Lab just put out a limited edition art print called “The Insanely Great History of Apple,” and it’s a one of the best infographics I’ve ever seen — a single image containing every hardware product Apple has released. Like, ever.

Measuring 18″ x 24″ and suitable for framing, this bad boy can be yours for $25 plus shipping. It depicts every single product released by Apple over the last 30 years, from the Apple II to the iPhone 4S. The products are nicely sorted, flow chart style, according to what type of product they are, and the print even shows the relationships between those form factors that Steve Jobs was always so keen on.

Each print is signed and numbered by the artists.

"The Insanely Great History of Apple" print by Pop Chart Lab

Robin Parrish

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  1. It’s a neat chart, but it’s not even remotely close to every hardware product Apple ever released. No Quicktake camera, no iSight camera. Only a small selection of the Apple Laserwriters (neither of the Laserwriter models I owned back in the day is depicted). It doesn’t even have every Mac–indeed, I can immediately think of two I owned–the Performa 575 and the Powerbook 540 (not 540c)–that are not there, and I’m sure there are others. A great piece of work, but don’t overstate its comprehensiveness.