Kickstarter: AQUA TEK S iPhone 4/s case is waterproof, ruggedized, solar charger all in one!

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There’s a Kickstarter project for an iPhone 4 / 4s case that does more than just sleeve your device. The AQUA TEK S case is a bulky number that allows you to submerge your phone at up to 20 feet of water. But wait, there’s more. Apart from the ruggedized design allowing it to withstand the elements to some extent, it also comes with a built in solar charger, allowing your iPhone to stay fully charged.So yeah, it IS the ultimate outdoor housing for your phone. No need for dangling portable chargers — if when those die, then what? This is all natural sunlight.

I’m actually more interested in the latter feature as the iPhone 4s is plagued with battery drain. If I wanted an underwater housing I’d get all serious with the Patima case for SCUBA divers because as history tells it, underwater cases can get wonky if you don’t have good o-rings. At some point, the pressure will collapse the case unless it’s made of strong acrylic or steel.

Since this is a Kickstarter project, the company needs to raise USD $75,000 by March 10th. If you pledge USD $100.00 you get the case at a discount. It will retail for USD $129.00 once out in stores. If you pledge even more (USD $5,000), you have the opportunity to become a distributor and will receive 100 of these units.

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  1. Found the TAT7 iPhone case for sand-scuba-snow which does the same function as Patima, and less chunky!

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