The DuMont iPad Mini Stand Will Take You Down Memory Lane

DuMont iPad Mini Case

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Well, it depends on how old you are, and if you had the fortune of having experienced the old-style TV enclosed in a beautiful wooden casing. While we didn’t have a TV set growing up, I have very fond memories of summer days at my grandparents watching old school cartoons in black and white, cherishing the periods when the wooden TV cover was carefully unlocked.

While you can probably find one of those vintage TV sets somewhere today, you’d have to sell your soul to get your hands on one. Why not “settle” for a DuMont iPad Mini stand that looks just like – well, almost like – a retro wooden TV enclosure?
DuMont iPad Mini Case
Created out of real wood by Jeffrey Stephenson, the DuMont iPad Mini stand will fit right in with your grandparents’ furniture – except that it holds a wonderfully high-tech device called the iPad Mini. (At this point, some of you may have found the association with the DuMont brand of TV sets back in the 50s.)

More than a case for the iPad Mini, though, you’ll see that there is something else that fits this baby, namely, a Jawbone Bluetooth speaker.
Dumont iPad Mini Case
A trip down memory lane or not, I do want this case for my nightstand. Don’t you???

For more pictures and inquiries: Jeffrey Stephenson.

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