The Clutch for iPad Might Be the Only Purse You’ll Ever Need

The Clutch for iPad

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For going out for an afternoon at the park or mall, for example. Or maybe even for a night out. Yes, it looks good and serves multiple purposes, the main thing being a case for your iPad.

I don’t know about you, but my iPad goes with me practically everywhere I go. When before, the MacBook Air was my constant companion, the iPad Mini is just more portable on every single level. Then again, I do have a “throw it all in” bag which swallows all my gadgets – just about.
The Clutch for iPad
Still, when you want to go out, and you want to travel light, The Clutch for iPad is a great solution.

Hand-crafted by Happy Owl Studio in California, The Clutch for iPad keeps your iPad safe AND has “pockets for cash and change, credit cards, business cards, pens, a stylus and a mobile phone”.

But where do you put your keys, lip gloss, and everything else you need to go on a stroll? Well, The Clutch for iPad has some space for that stuff. Maybe not your entire makeup kit, but enough to keep you not feel naked.
The Clutch for iPad
Made of 100% genuine leather, it comes in red and black. The big downside is that it’s only compatible with iPad 2, iPad (3rd Gen) & iPad (4th Gen). Oh, and the black one will set you back $79.99, while the red is $10 more expensive (which I’d gladly play if they had this for the iPad Mini).

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