Base plop SSD Desk Storage – for Those Who Need More

Earlier this year, we featured a beautiful SSD enclosure called plops. The concept is simple, with only a mere push-and-pull action to insert an SSD to expand your storage.

The makers of plops have once again put their creative energies into gear and are promoting a new product on Indiegogo. It is just like plops, but with added features for people who are storage-hogs.

Called the base plop, this new product will make sure that you have enough storage for HD movies, FLAC music, and other big files. In other words, if one SSD is not enough, base plop will do the trick.

The base plop SSD desk storage has 4 SSDs with a height of 7mm can be plopped in the sides. This works great with the original plops.

base plop ssd desk storage

In addition to the 4 SSD slots (2 on each side), the base plop SSD desk storage has 4 USB 3.0 ports, as well as a fast charging port with 2.4 A at the back. It’s a perfect addition to your workspace.

While the pure aluminum version of the base plop is stylish enough for me, you have the option of wood or black aluminum.

They’ve got 45 days left to reach their goal, and if you want more SSD storage on hand, be an early bird and get the exact perks you want.

Read more about the project here.

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