Wal-Mart exec, Kevin Swint, headed for Apple


One of the primary executives responsible for Wal-Mart’s recent, unsuccessful, push into the world of digital downloads has left the mega-retailer to help Apple grow its iTunes business internationally.

Kevin Swint, former divisional manager for digital media at Wal-Mart stores, joins Apple this week in the role of general manager of international video for iTunes. His primary duty will be to acquire movies and TV shows for all non-U.S. countries.

International readers are probably happy to hear that someone is going to be pursuing international movies and tv shows, but I seriously hope this guy’s track record is something beyond the recent Wal-Mart downloads experiment, because that is one of the most spectacular failures in the history of the Internet. Wal-Mart jumped into just about every major online project it could, from social networking, to digital downloads, and even dvd rentals through the mail – and every single one of them flopped.

Here’s hoping Mr. Swint can grab some great content for the International stores. It’s one of the places Apple really needs to grow, and I hope he’s successful with it.



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