SPECULATION: Sony adds TV content to iTunes…could Movies follow?

sony-logo.gifLast week, Sony began experimenting with using iTunes to deliver content by adding shows like “Spider-man”, “News Radio”, “Till Death”, and more to the iTunes Store. These are hardly the cream of the Sony crop, but a nice starting point to try out the Apple helmed distribution method.

I hope, if this is successful for Sony that we’ll be seeing the addition of some Sony owned film properties added to iTunes soon. I’d love to be able to download “Casino Royale” or the first two “Spider-Man” films from iTunes…and if it’s one thing iTunes needs more of its content.

It seems logical to me that Sony films – at least some of the older catalog – will be making their way to iTunes soon.

I’ll even go so far as to make a prediction (pulled completely out of my butt, mind you) that Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 will be available by the time Spider-Man 3 hits the theaters later this year.

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