Using CoreMidi With The iPad To Bring Out Your Inner Musician

Many people discount the iPad’s ability to create something useful like illustrations, videos or even music. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned musician, you can use a plethora of hardware and apps to create a unique sound with your iPad.

Create Digital Music shot a very useful video that breaks down the basics of using MIDI equipment with the iPad and how to connect your older gear through a USB interface. While the iPad is an extremely portable music making powerhouse, it can be encumbered with cables and other gear. The iPad supports MIDI input and output through Apple’s Camera Connection kit or the Line 6 Midi Mobilizer. Other MIDI interfaces that don’t require custom drivers can be used with the iPad to connect Synthesizers and other hardware.

Companies like AKAI sell a hardware 49-key MIDI controller called the SynthStation 49. AKAI’s Synth Station iOS App interfaces with the iPad and controller. If you’re looking for a more portable solution, AKAI’s LPK25 USB keyboard can connect to the iPad via USB allowing you to create music through Apps that support CoreMIDI. If you want to forget the hardware and go pure software, ReBirth for iOS emulates the Roland TB-303 Bass synthTR-808 and 909 drum machines.

Companies like IK Multimedia are pushing the iPad’s music creation abilities through gear like the Amplitube iRig. IK Multimedia’s iRig hardware dongle and iOS App connect your iPad and guitar together giving you access to effects and cabinets without the need to lug any other hardware.

Despite hardware clutter, the iPad can become a Synthesizer, Guitar, Drum or even a Mic through a quick App change.

Tanner Godarzi
Tanner is tech-savvy with an eye for great content who is pursuing his Bachelors of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of California—Orange County. Tanner has been a freelance Blogger and Social Media consultant for over 4 years and contributed content for O'Reilly's "Big Book Of Apple Hacks." Tanner has blogged for industry notables such as Hadley Stern for Apple Matters, C.K. for Obsessable and gave insight about Social Media for The Blog Herald. Tanner resides in Huntington Beach and is a cycling enthusiast.


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  1. You seemed to left on the one real breakthrough in using CoreMIDI for music. iConnectivity announced the iConnectMIDI interface at CES, NAMM and MacWorld. This interface allows up to 8 MIDI keyboards via USB, an iPad, a Mac computer and two legacy style MIDI ins and outs… and here’s the kicker, all without any delay at all. Should I say that again…. No latency. Thanks. We’ve been posting a lot of real time performance videos on

  2. The iRig is made by a company called IK Multimedia. AmpliTube iRig, is the combination of AmpliTube sofware, and the iRig plug adapter for guitar/bass (1/4 inch instruments). There is also the iRig Mic, first handheld condenser microphone for your iPad, iPhone or iPod.