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Well, it’s December, and as promised, Bravo, mun2, NBC, NBC News, CNBC, NBC Sports, Sci Fi, Sleuth, Telemundo and USA Network have all been removed from iTunes.

Apple and NBC have, apparently, not reached an agreement about their differences in pricing and bundling programs in iTunes. What’s funny, though, is that with this Writer’s Strike – there won’t be any new content for the foreseeable future on those stations anyway (save for some dismal “Reality Show” offerings) – so the only thing NBC is really doing here is cutting off their ability to easily sell old episodes in iTunes.

I don’t think Apple will be hurt by this in any way. In fact, I hope that it encourages Apple to support the new online networks like Revision 3, On, and Channel Flip – all of whom produce interesting and engaging programs – at no cost to viewers.

NBC is losing a great outlet to sell product – Apple is losing shows like The Office and 30 Rock, which are hugely popular in iTunes – BUT – since the Writer’s Strike was taking those show away anyway – is Apple really losing anything?

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One thought on “NBC Channels removed from iTunes

  1. I’ve always thought NBC was dumb for this and I still do. Let them steer their own titanic, we all know where its going to end up anyways.

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