Alternate version of “I AM Legend” in iTunes – is this the future of “special features”?

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One of the biggest drawbacks of renting or buying a movie through iTunes or AppleTV is that fact that you can’t get any of the cool special features that come with a DVD.

A great example of this is with “I am Legend”. The film had an alternate ending that many people preferred to the theatrical ending of the film. The DVD made a very big deal about this ending being on the film, but if you rented or purchased the movie in iTunes you wouldn’t have the option of watching that alternate ending at all.

Apple has changed that, though – but not necessary in a way that you’re going to love. Now you can rent or purchase “I Am Legend – Alternate Ending Version” where the alternate ending is the actual ending of the film.

On one hand that’s kind of cool. If you really dig the alternate ending, with this you can just treat it like the real ending of the film…on the other hand that means you have to pay a separate $3.99 or $4.99 rental, or an additional $14.99 purchase just to see the alternate ending of this film. That’s A LOT for one special feature.

I’m not sure what to think about it just yet – what do you think?

You can check it out in iTunes right here.

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2 thoughts on “Alternate version of “I AM Legend” in iTunes – is this the future of “special features”?

  1. No, it’s just offering another “version” of the film (to answer your headline). If all of the features of owning the DVD were available to download online and you were able to burn a copy of the movie once downloaded, what would be the purpose of a store-bought DVD? Please don’t answer, “because of the liner notes!” I think I’ve read them once and then it went back into the box never to be read again. This is why I don’t like to buy or download movies right away because they’re bound to always release a special edition then a limited edition then a director’s cut, etc, etc. etc.

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