Video iPod as soon as NEXT WEEK?

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The Internet is full of speculation about the mythical “true” Video iPod. It has been for the last year, but recently those rumors have been getting a bit more credibility from major news sites, and things are pointing toward the widescreen/wireless Video iPod coming out sooner rather than later…

…but could we really see a widescreen/wireless Video iPod as early as next week?

It’s possible. Here’s why.

  • Engadget reported earlier this month that they had confirmation from multiple, separate, and trusted sources that Apple was finished with the long awaited widescreen/wireless Video iPod. Engadget also stated that the device would be announced in the very near future.
  • Oct. 23rd marks the 5th anniversary of the iPod. Could there be a better time to announce this next generation of iPod?
  • The Newsweek article posted this weekend that is specifically about the iPod and it’s 5th anniversary. It is also suspiciously void of ANY conversation about a video iPod, or even (more than a passing remark) about iPod’s video playing capabilities – even though the main graphic on the site showcases the new iTunes movies.
  • Microsoft’s “iPod Killing” Zune launches on Nov. 14th. Launching a new iPod with wireless capabilities so close to Zune’s arrival will absolutely take the wind from Microsoft’s sails. Microsoft’s main selling points for their bulky device is wifi and a large screen (even though it’s the same resolution as a Video iPod – but that’s another article all together). A widescreen and wireless Video iPod, even one that’s more expensive than a Zune (which this device is sure to be) will be another strong nail in the coffin of the Zune.
  • There is a hole at the top of the iPod food chain (price wise, at least). Is Apple really going to let the holiday season come and go with no major upping of the ante for the iPod. We seriously doubt it.

If Apple is going to announce a “true” widescreen/wireless Video iPod this year, next week is the time to do it. Only time will tell us for sure (or some deep undercover Apple insider), but if we were betting men, which some of us are, we’d have our money down on a Video iPod going on sale next week.

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19 thoughts on “Video iPod as soon as NEXT WEEK?

  1. I would think a release closer to that of the Zune would be better. If Apple releases the mythical ipod a day before or day after the Zune, wouldn’t that steal a lot more press coverage? “Today Microsoft unveiled the Zune, but after yesterday’s new iPod announcement…”.

    I would take your bet. We MAY see one by Christmas, but it won’t be next week.

  2. I think I can agree on every point except the iPod/Zune competition bullet point. Steve Jobs has made it clear he doesn’t consider the Zune a competitor, and rightly so I believe.

    iPod’s been around a long time, and proved their mettle. Zune’s got a long way to go before they can even be considered on the same planet as the iPod.

    Unless the 2G Zune makes some serious leaps and bounds, Microsoft’s Zune offering will have been nothing more than a “oh yeah, we can do the development and get it out the door” kick at Apple.

  3. Please please please

    I have been waiting for the last 3 years for this “video Ipod”

    I cant take the wait any longer

  4. hey guys this might serve of interest. Apple gives discounts on their products for students but for some reason they aren’t doing it for the new ipods. This may be because something big is coming down the line. It certainly points to it.

  5. I would think killing the Zune before it gets off the ground would be the motivation for Apple to release the true video iPod sooner than later. 5th anniversary for the iPod? Who cares? Remember what Apple did for their 30th anniversary? Nothing. And the 25th? Zip. Steve has already shown that he doesn’t really give a damn about anniversaries.

    Still, i hope like crazy that you’re right.

  6. By the way – great looking site. Save for one thing: your search field doesn’t display correctly in Safari 2.0.4. It looks great in Firefox the black search field with white text) but it’s a stardard input text field with white text in Safari. Just thought you’d like to know.

    Keep up the great work!

  7. “The Newsweek article posted this weekend that is specifically about the iPod and it’s 5th anniversary. It is also suspiciously void of ANY conversation about a video iPod,”

    Oddly enough, the article also fails to mention the iPod using a fuel cell battery that will last for 10 years between charges. That MUST mean it’s true!

  8. The evidence for the Video iPod next week:

    – it’s the 5th anniversary
    – iPod will have competition from Microsoft very soon
    – Newsweek didn’t mention anything about it

    Uhhh, that last one seems like a bit of stretch

  9. iPod Dude –

    I feel like you’re misunderstanding what I mean by the Newsweek article (and that’s probably because I didn’t explain it well enough).

    I don’t mean the fact that they DIDN’T say there is going to be a new Video iPod means that there MUST be one coming.

    What I mean, is that the article doesn’t talk about the video features of the iPod – AT ALL – except in one passing sentence.

    No talk of the movie studios, no talk of the future of the iPod (except a “who knows” in response to “do you think music will always dominate the iPod”) at all. If you’re interviewing Steve Jobs about the iPod’s anniversary, you’re telling me that you wouldn’t ask him about the FUTURE of the device? Of course you would…but the guy in the article didn’t…and my guess (and let me stress that…GUESS) is that there is a reason for it.

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